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Take control of your tablet or computer with the AirTurn DUO – the most popular wireless control pedal on the market today. Made with the same material as bulletproof “glass,” the DUO’s US-made silent foot pedal can go the distance for every musician, performer, artist, educator, chief, doctor, speaker, scientist, parent or student that needs to control his or her tablet wirelessly. For hands-free page turns and compatible app controls so subtle, no one will notice that your hands never touched the screen. The DUO’s Bluetooth transceiver may be removed and used as a hand held controller for multimedia and presentation management. Sleek: No messy cables to clutter your setup. The DUO’s BT-106 transceiver connects wirelessly to tablets or computers up to 60 feet away using secure Bluetooth technology. And its internal rechargeable battery keeps you going for up to 100 hours and can be charged over two thousand times. Silent: The dual ATFS-2 pedals connected to the BT-106 transceiver are designed to be completely silent. Their “mechanism-free” design means no clicks, no squeaks, and no distractions. They will last an order of magnitude longer than a mechanical switch. Simple: Turn it on, pair it up! Already paired? Then it’s even simpler – just turn it on and go. Simply assign each pedal to the desired function. Sturdy: The ATFS-2 pedals are nearly indestructible and built for lead-foot stompers. The non-slip pedal board keeps it all together. Best of all? The DUO BT-106 transceiver and ATFS-2 are made in the USA with a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. App Compatibility: The BT-106 works with over 100 apps for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and Bluetooth-equipped Mac and PC computers for page turns, teleprompters, backing tracks, and so much more! Note: This product replaces the BT-105 series product with many new features.


  • Bluetooth Foot and Handheld multi-function controller
  • Use with hundreds of Apps for reading music, lyrics, tabs and managing effects
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery will last 100 hours per charge and 2500 cycles
  • Durable Construction
  • Made in USA


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