7 Inch Steel Cow Bell with Handle and Antique Copper Finish


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This rugged steel cowbell delivers more cowbell sound – it’s the prescription for getting people’s attention, setting the rhythm in your rock and roll band or for use on actual cows. This durable cow bell has a handsome antique copper-look finish along with a convenient hanger loop that allows the bell to be easily used with livestock or held by hand. A great steel cow bell for any home, farm, ranch or multipurpose use. Actual Product Dimensions: ~7″ on diagonal [6-3/4 to 6-7/8 at mid-point] x ~4-3/4″ x ~2-1/8″


  • Loud, Low Tone Carries over Long Distances
  • Handsome Antique Copper-Style Finish
  • Top Hanger Loop/Handle
  • Steel-Welded Construction Zinc Clapper with Loop
  • Eye Constructed In a Single Piece


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